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Long Beach, Pier T

Pier T designed for maximum efficiency and productivity has the capacity to process more than 3 million TEUs on and off vessels per year

The mile-long wharf at Pier-T has unlimited capacity for large ships such as more than 10,000 TEU vessel.  It is outfitted with the largest gantry cranes to date at any US port.  These super post Panamax250-foot-high shore cranes rank among the world's largest, are able to lift 100LT, and have the boom outreach capacity required for the new generation of container ships that stow 22 containers wide

General Information

Firms Code (LGB) Z952
Distance from Sea Buoy to Dock 5 miles
Time from Sea Buoy to Dock 40 minutes
Draft Along Dock 50 feet (MLLW)
Draft in Transit Channel 75 feet (MLW)
# of Berths 4 Berth
Length of Berth (working space) 5000 feet
Maximum air draft from Sea Buoy to Dock No Limit( No bridge for TTI)
Crane Capacities and Capabilities 65LT under spreader / 100LT with cargo hook
Standard Terminal Operating Hours 8am to 5pm M-F
6pm to 3am M-TH (Pier Pass Gate)
Maximum Terminal Capacity 3 million TEU per year
Acreage for Container Marshalling Area Yard 380 acres
 # of Reefer Outlets & Voltage 1,800  (220/440 volts)
Terminal Equipment & Facilities

- Cranes: 14 Super PPM APMC Cranes, Ready for 10,000+ TEU vessel (22 container wide)

- Container Handling Equipment: 53 Top Handlers, 180 Tractors and 24 trtransfer cranes

- 45 Lanes including 14 independent back gates, 21inbound & 10 outbound main gate 

Network Services (i.e. rail, trucking)

  • TTI rated in top two in Southern California in trucking community
  • Rail connections

This On-dock Rail facility can provide one-stop intermodal Service; immediate loading to the rail cars after container discharged from the vessels, and also reduce truck shuttle traffic and contribute to the local community.  Furthermore, the unique shape of the rail facility makes it ideal for loading and unloading trains without interference with the gates and yard operation.  This facility allows TTI to provide customers with faster transit time for all final destinations.

  • On Dock Rail : 16 tracks (100,000+ linear feet)
    • Daily train service to both class 1 railroads - U.P.R.R. & B.N.S.F.
    • Direct interchange to C.S.X. and N.S. railroads for all mid and east coast U.S. cities.
    • Uniquely situated at the beginning of the Alameda Corridor for rapid train departures and westbound arrivals.
    • Dedicated 24 hour, 7 day switch engines for in-terminal switching to insure export and import cargo meet vessel and train schedules.
    • Working tracks - 12  / Storage tracks - 4
    • Handling Capacity : 712,000 teu / year ( 400,000 box / year )
    • Availability of on dock rail:
  • Usage reduced over 1,600,000 truck moves
  • Allows shippers to avoid extra drayage fees, as well as the CTP fee

Yard Design

Geographic Location & Proximity to open water

  • Easy Access to Alameda corridor and 3 freeway

Competitive Features

  • TTI consistently rated in the top two favored terminals in Southern California by the trucking community


Additional information

  • Pier Pass: Non-peak hour gate program started in 2005.
    • Hours : Mon-Thu 18:00 - 03:00; Saturday 08:00 - 17:00
    • Over 45% of volume is delivered during non-peak hours.

  • Clean Truck Program (CTP):
    •  Enacted by Ports of  LA & LB to replace old polluting drayage trucks
    • Trucks not meeting standards are denied entry

  • California Air Resource Board CARB Compliance
    • Container Handling Equipment to be retrofitted or replaced to be emissions compliant.
    • Tractors to be replaced in Long Beach by 2010 all with Y2007 on-road-tractor standards.
    • Industry leader: 1st to use emulsified diesel fuel and emission controls on all CHE reducing particulates; Exploring electrification of RTG as alternative to diesel

  • Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC):
    • Government program to identify all transportation workers
    • TTI Long Beach is working in concert with the TSA on a pilot program to develop an industry standard.

  • Facility Security
    • State-of-the-art security systems:
      • TWIC readers/door access systems 
      • 343 cameras in use, including thermal detection
      • Other perimeter object detection systems
    • Radiation Portal Monitors
      • All containers exiting the terminal via gate or rail are scanned by USCBP.
    • Security Guards: 24 hour manning to keep cargo safe.
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